River and Canal Boating Holidays In the United Kingdom

River and Canal Boating Holidays In the United Kingdom

Boating holidays in the UK are one of the best ways to find the rest and relaxation you need to unwind from a stressful job. The rivers and canals in Great Britain run through beautiful sceneryand boat holiday companies are becoming quite adept at providing unique and entertaining trips. The narrow boats that cruise the canals in Great Britain have become one of the top holidays in this country.Unique AdventuresThere are many different types of experiences on a boating holiday and if you do some research you may find one that is tailored for exactly what you want. If you do not find one that fits your taste then speak to a boat holiday company representative and he will be able to tailor one to fit your needs.Whether it is for a company function, family function, romantic excursion or a personal relaxation trip, your boat holiday company representative will create whatever is necessary to make your trip comfortable. The small narrow boats will only sleep 4 or 6 comfortably so if you are taking a larger group for an overnight adventure, then you must find a larger boat to accommodate your group. Many people will take a boating holiday cruise down one of the canals and then stop at a quaint village for an afternoon and evening and then hop back onto their boat the next day to continue their cruise.

These cruises are filled with incredible wines and wonderful gourmet meals while watching the beautiful rolling hills pass by. Sometimes small classical quartets are on board for your pleasure and you feel like you are watching a masterpiece painting being created. All of the senses are in tune to the quiet gliding through the water under branches of large weeping willow trees. It is an experience that everyone needs to have at least once in their lifetime.Family HolidaysIf you are planning a family boating holiday with your children you might want to be a little more adventurous and not so peaceful. Keep the wines on your cruise, but try more kid friendly meals. Eating on deck is like having a picnic or perhaps your captain will stop and let you pick a spot where you can get off the boat and picnic under an apple tree that has a another beautiful scenic view of the countryside. Visiting old castles and old ruins is always great fun with the kids and returning to your boat with its historical value can be a wonderful history lesson. There are boating holidays geared just for cathedrals and churches, there are boating holiday cruises that follow the old paths of ancient warriors, there are brew cruises, there are renaissance cruises and there are boating holiday cruises that just slowly and lazily cruise the canals. These latter cruises are sometimes the very best. There is nothing fancy, just you, the boat, the water and nature. And of course, there is the boating holiday that you design yourself.

The HomeworkTo find a boating holiday that suits your needs look for ads in travel magazines. The internet is probably your next best source to find a boating holiday adventure. You can find the websites of the companies that specialize in these holidays and read about each specialty. You can also see a picture of the narrow boats that they own and decide if they have what you are looking for. Check off each item that suits your needs and then narrow in to the company that is the best fit. But do not hesitate with your plans because boating holidays on the canals of Great Britain are very popular and are filling up fast. Most people have to book at least one year in advance to reserve their boat. This is a holiday adventure that you do not want to miss.

For your free guide to narrowboat holidays [web: hireacanalboat.co.uk/boats.html] and the cruise plans for the Trent and Mersey canals in the UK visit the Hire a Canal Boat website.