Tips on Becoming a Holiday Rep

Tips on Becoming a Holiday Rep

There are several jobs which you can do working abroad that can range right from cleaning of dogs on campsites to even a becoming a fully fledged holiday rep. However, it is not so easy to become a holiday rep as you should completely understand the ins and outs to qualify as a holiday rep. There are a few tips and guidelines that you can follow for your summer job and how you can perform I your interview to get yourself working as a fully fledged holiday rep. However you should first understand the basic needs and responsibilities of a holiday rep.The responsibilities of a holiday repBefore you can apply for the post as a holiday rep it is important you know the duties and responsibilities of a holiday rep. There are actually a number of responsibilities of a holiday rep but the most important responsibility is to offer excellent customer satisfaction. You can learn easily learn these skills and if you have some tourism knowledge about country then it would be a plus point to better serve your customers.

What does it take to become a holiday rep?The qualification that you will need would depend on the type of position that you are looking for. Most of the holiday rep should be at least 18 years old but there are a few positions that will require you to be of 21 years old. However the formal qualifications are generally not required but you should have a good GCSE grade and should also have a qualification in tourism and travel to make a great difference.Again, it is also not required for you to speak a different language but obviously if you know a few other languages it would be a plus point. Basically al you need is to be outgoing, fun and readily available to work overseas. If you intend to become a children’s holiday rep then it would require a police check which the company would obtain on your behalf.How to become a holiday rep?The best time you should apply for holiday rep is during November to December. However there are also several people dropping out so there are also chances to apply later on. There are a number of ways to find employment as the holiday rep. you can refer some magazines the daily national newspapers and also visit some travel agencies which have advertised for the position.The other most convenient and easy source of information you have is the internet where you can find different online companies offering this holiday rep jobs. You can find a few companies and send tem your request through a letter. You will then receive an application form from the company.

Once you receive make sure to read the form before you write anything. There are a number of people making the mistake of filling the application in normal handwriting and in red ink wherein the forms states to use block capital letters and black ink. Apart from this some other conditions would put you above other people applying for the post. You can even send a covering letter along with your CV which can help explain about you and why you need the post of a holiday rep.After you have send back your application form you will be likely called for an interview and the key here is staying prepared for the interview. You can work out on what type of questions can be asked so that your answers please them. Most of the companies can also ask you to prepare a brief presentation.

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