Selecting Christmas and Holiday Cards For Business Clients

Selecting Christmas and Holiday Cards For Business Clients

Business holiday cards can be an important part of your corporate communications. Just as you send a holiday note to your friends and family, you should send a cheerful year end note to your clients, thanking them for helping make your year a success. Make sure you and your business are ready for the holiday season with the right cards for your clients and colleagues.Why send holiday cards?
As the year draws to a close, most are celebrating the holidays and anticipating the New Year. This is a great time to reflect on the year and send a well-deserved ‘thank you’ to your clients. A holiday card can be a nice way to tie up the year with your clients and tell them how much you’re looking forward to the New Year.

Holiday cards to match your corporate stationery
When choosing your corporate cards, make sure they can either be customized with your company logo or they are available in colors that match your company colors. You should also choose a holiday card that is printed on quality paper. Skimping on a detail like this is not a great message to send. Picking a heavy card stock will also make the colors on your card stand out for an all-over elegant look.Personalization
Anyone can send out a slew of cards with a rubber stamp, but this might not be the message you want to send. Take the time to write your greeting and sign you name. If time allows, you should think about writing a personalized line or two. Another nice touch is a hand written address. An address label can often look like ‘junk mail’ and should be avoided for your holiday cards. You might want to solicit some help for this if your list is large.Timing
The mail can be congested around the holidays so make certain you’ve got enough time to tackle this task. After Thanksgiving you should update your mailing list and make certain you’re addresses are correct and up-to-date. We all get busy and can underestimate how much time this might take. If you find yourself in the middle of December and your cards are not out, you should skip the holiday card. Start shopping for a New Year’s card and get working on putting those cards in the mail.

The holiday itself
Most importantly you need to be sensitive of your client’s traditions. We don’t all celebrate the same holidays, so steer clear of Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas or specific holiday wishes. ‘Happy Holidays’ and ‘Season’s Greetings” are perfectly acceptable sentiments for your corporate holiday cards. You can save your religious and specific holiday wishes for friends and family.Don’t miss this important opportunity to connect with your clients with holiday cards. A ‘Happy Holidays’ wish and a thoughtful thank you can ensure your client loyalty for years to come. Just remember to take the time to put your personal touch on the cards and you’ll be ending the year and starting the new one on a cheerful note.

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