Lands Unventured: The New Luxury Holiday at Karnataka and Northern Kerala

Lands Unventured: The New Luxury Holiday at Karnataka and Northern Kerala

Rajasthan may be the land of the kings, but Kerala is God’s own country. Kerala travel evokes picturesque landscapes, white beaches and diverse culture steeped in strong traditions. The North of this beautiful region remains unexploited, with ancient temples, tropical rainforests and rolling hills that challenge the stereotype of Kerala tours. A luxury holiday in Kerala has never offered more variation and Northern Kerala is the perfect location for an unforgettable tailor-made holiday.WayanadDescribed by Incredible India as ‘the Land of the Spicy Hills’, Wayanad in Northern Kerala can add a little ‘kick’ to the standard of Kerala travel. Home to some of India’s oldest tribes, luxury holidays here provide the opportunity to experience the beauty and ancestry of Wayanad alongside the modern amenities a traveller expects on a luxury holiday. Tranquil Resort is among the select luxury accommodations that can truly bring you closer to nature, a new culture and immerse yourself into a local family environment.Tranquil ResortTranquil is a microcosm of Wayanad itself. Before you venture into the district, explore the 400-acre estate, scenic treks and unspoilt surroundings. Stay in Tranquil’s luxury Tree Villa from which, at a height of 35 feet, the views are unrestricted. The Tree Villa is spacious, child friendly and completely insect-proofed. A perfect component of any family adventure holiday the Villa is a highlight of many Kerala Tours. The dining at Tranquil has a family feel and serves continental fare, Indian favourites, Kerala cuisine and “Grandmother’s” secret formulas. Along with organic vegetables and fruits, you can enjoy fresh bread, home-made jams, preserves and relishes at this wonderful property.

Wayanad Wildlife SanctuaryFor those attracted by luxury wildlife tours, Wayanad Wildlife sanctuary is an ideal opportunity to get close to nature. Kerala’s second largest sanctuary, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary provides a chance for fans of Kerala travel to see animals such as Indian Bison, elephants, deer and tigers in their natural habitats as part of their tailor-made holidays. Within the wildlife park you can take part in trekking or jeep safaris, an excellent addition to any adventure holiday, family friendly vacation or luxury wildlife tour.KasaragodAnother Kerala tours option is Kasaragod, the northernmost region of Kerala recently acquainted with luxury holidays. Kasaragod is home to beaches, temples and heritage sites such as Bekal Fort, which spreads over forty acres. Neeleshwar Hermitage in Kasaragod is a luxury holidays property committed to preserving the environment. Offering yoga and meditation courses along with traditional Ayurvedic treatments in Priya Spa, Neeleshwar is a luxury Kerala travel retreat.KarnatakaKarnataka carries a legacy of art and culture as varied as its geography. A district which includes many luxury holiday destinations, its strong sense of character giving every bespoke holiday a distinct flavour.KodaguKodagu, also known as Coorg, is rapidly expanding as a destination for custom holidays. The Tamara, Coorg’s newest luxury resort, is testament to its popularity. Set on a sprawling 170 acres of coffee plantations, it is a new luxury holidays property that successfully blends into its surroundings. The cottages are made from reforested spruces, with wooden decks that appear to levitate thanks to steel stilts that prop them up on the slopes. The property’s location combined with its raised aspect creates the perfect viewing platform. The in-house dining highlight is The Deck, a lounge bar and grill complete with glass dance floor onto the gardens below. Activities available include yoga, guided walks, trekking, plantation tours and of course, a ready supply of coffee waiting to be supped. A strong recommendation for any traveller planning a relaxing luxury holiday.

Karnataka and Kerala Travel TipsNatural Mystic South Asia’s top tips for a luxury holiday in North Kerala:• The best time for Kerala travel is during winter, from November to March.• Book a private driver: the landscapes of Northern Kerala means trains are a no-no. A driver will ensure your luxury holiday in Kerala goes smoothly.• Be different! The traditional Kerala travel itineraries often fail to capture the imagination, with a tailor-made holiday you can include something special.• Go wild – A luxury wildlife tours experience is a memorable addition to any bespoke holiday.• Spice it up – Northern Kerala’s spice trade is a huge part of its culture and something that all tailor-made tours planning Kerala travel should try and include.• Capitalise on Northern Kerala’s diverse landscapes by combining hills with beaches, spas with adventure and local culture with luxury for a memorable bespoke holiday.

Written by Dinesh Singh of Natural Mystic. Dinesh’s passions are luxury holidays and tailor-made tours. An expert in bespoke itineraries, he has travelled extensively but is drawn to Kerala travel thanks to its unique character. web: natmystic .com