Holiday Apartments – Cordoba Spain – An Intriguing Destination

Holiday Apartments – Cordoba Spain – An Intriguing Destination

Cordoba is a very interesting part of southern Spain to book a self-catering holiday rental apartment or holiday villas in Spain for some summer sun. Cordoba is the principal city of its province and the most important city in Andalucia after Seville. Cordoba was founded by the Romans and it became a significant port city used for shipping Spanish olive oil and wine back to Rome. Cordoba also has a strong Moorish influence as it was once the capital of the Moorish kingdom of El-Andalus and this was when work began on the Great Mosque or Mezquita which today is such a landmark of this intriguing city.ClimateHolidaymakers who are thinking of visiting Cordoba and booking a holiday rental apartment or a villa holiday letting in Spain here will be interested to know what sort of weather to expect. The months of June, July, August, and September are the hottest summer months. At this time of the year temperatures may reach 104 degrees Fahrenheit during the daytime and 64 degrees Fahrenheit at night. Rain is rare in the summer months especially in the middle of the season. The following are a few tips to cope with the very hot summer weather:Wear light, loose-fitting cotton or linen clothing. If you are going out sightseeing or walking try to do this in the morning between about 9am and 1pm. Carry a bottle of water with you and drink regularly so you don’t get dehydrated. The locals eat lunch late, about 2:30 – 3pm and then have a lengthy ‘siesta’. You will find a good nap, with the blinds drawn, will set you up for the evening!

FoodWhen you are visiting Cordoba and staying in your self-catering holiday rental apartment or villa holiday letting in Spain what sort of local dishes should you try? Gazpacho and Salmorejo are delicious and refreshing cold soups made mainly of pureed vegetables and olive oil and are very popular as the first dish during the hot season. Try some of the cold meats and sausages such as Jamon, a type of cured ham, chorizo or morcilla (black pudding). Typical main dishes from Cordoba are Bull’s tail (Estofado de Rabo de Buey) and lamb stew (Cordero en Caldereta). Typical desserts often have an Arabian influence such as Alfajores, made of almonds and honey and Pestinos, a sweet fried in oil and covered with honey.Things to SeeThere are many interesting places to visit for those who are staying in privately rented holiday villas in Spain or a holiday rental apartment in charming Cordoba. The following are just some which are worth a look:The Almodovar Castle stands 252m and was built by the Arabs in the year 720. It belonged to the Caliphate of Cordoba and has since housed several monarchs. This royal fortress is worth a visit because of its historical value, splendid architecture and spectacular, panoramic views.La Mezquita is a huge, tenth century building in Cordoba which was formerly a Mosque consisting of several arches and over a hundred columns. The architectural design of this stunning building is a mixture of Roman, Gothic, Byzantine, Syrian and Persian influences.The Cordoba Synagogue is rare because it is the only one in the Andalusia region and one of only three in the whole of Spain. The beautiful interiors and the walls are covered with rich white Mudejar style decorations and Hebrew inscriptions.Flamenco Bull-fightingThose holidaymakers who are staying in a holiday rental apartment or a villa holiday letting in Spain in Cordoba can experience two spectacles which Spain is famous for, these are Flamenco and Bull-fighting. All around the city of Cordoba, particularly near the Mezquita, are flamenco clubs where you can listen and watch exciting flamenco performances. The Tablao Cardenal is a favourite place to see some of the purest styles of Andalucian flamenco – the alegrias, the solea and the bulerias. You can even take courses in flamenco dancing and flamenco guitar if it takes your fancy. As for bull-fighting the season starts in May, during the Feria de Cordoba (Cordoba Fair). Both locals and tourists gather in the bullring to watch the experience. There is also a Bullfight Museum in the historic Jewish quarter which pays tribute to the bullfighters of Cordoba and the rest of Andalucia.

FestivalsCordoba also loves its festivals and fiestas and many are celebrated throughout the year. No matter when you book your holiday villas Spain or your holiday rental apartment you will most likely experience a colourful festival! During Semana Santa (Holy Week) at the end of March the city streets are crowded and are full of extravagant processions. Cordoba is renowned for its flower-filled patios that are opened to the public for the Patio Festival in May. This is a lovely time to visit the city and many people enjoy a fino sherry in one of the local bodegas as they stroll around the city. The Cordoba Guitar Festival takes place from 6-25th July each year and it includes a training programme with courses on classical, Flamenco, contemporary and modern guitar building, there are also Flamenco dancing and singing courses.

If you want an interesting summer holiday choose a holiday letting in Spain in Cordoba. There are a selection of beautiful holiday villas in Spain on offer, if you search on-line. You can book a villa or a holiday rental apartment in Cordoba directly with the private owners. Eddie Lucas, the author, works for the Holiday-Villa-Select website which offers cost effective holiday rentals in Spain booked direct with owners who advertise their holiday villa or apartment on this website no commission charged.